Scirocco Respray
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Scirocco Respray

Photos by Keith Fahlgren. All work performed in September, 1997.

All trim, bumpers, spoilers et cetera removed, ready to start sanding in earnest. The rubber bump strip along the beltline was peeled off and discarded, with a great deal of difficulty.
That's me sanding with the electric orbital sander. I preferred the pneumatic one since it had better control, but on the downside it had a lock on the spindle which cut your knuckles as it spun.
Front view before sanding. Bumpers and trim removed.
Peter applies some bondo over the badge holes on the rear lid. Keith's '84 Audi Coupe GT is in the foreground, it was about to be sprayed silver (see bottom photo).
Peter applies the first coat of primer.
The primer is all done. Note our homemade paint booth. The inlet air passed through the white filters at the ceiling, and was drawn through the booth by some big fans at the bottom of the door near the rear of the car.
The result: a nice, shiny black Scirocco beside Keith's nice, shiny silver Coupe. (The Scirocco is still wearing its original 13" tarantula wheels.)
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