Peter's 1992 Cabriolet
Copyright © 2003 Eric Fahlgren
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:18 PDT

The Car

Original pix by DJ Halon.

2002 Updates - The Cabby takes steroids and becomes Turbocabby, or Tabby.
2003 Updates - More Tabby shots with the ABA and Autronics SMC.
Smokin' the tires.

During Kevin's Reign of Terror

Follow the evolution of a meek and mild boulevard cruiser into a snarling pavement pounder.

Kevin strips the door handles and debadges the vehicle.

Keith puts on pipes and a small flame job.

Peter adds the requisite Cragar SS mags to match the sidepipes and gives the top a nice lead-sled chop.

Keith finishes the job with a spoiler and wing.

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