Turbo Efficiency Maps
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Turbo Efficiency Maps

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Garrett     IHI     KKK     Mitsubishi
Autorotor     Eaton     Lysholm     Vortech

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Here is a very interesting document from Garrett, including some information on interpreting turbine maps.

T25 series

Thanks to Rick Chwiendacz, who found some rare hard-copy T25 maps in very rough condition, which he then hand traced for us. George from Greece then sent me the -55 and -60 trim maps that he squeezed from someone there.

T25-45 T25-55 T25-60 T25-60

T3 series

T3-40 T3-45 T3-50 T3-60 T3-Super 60

T4 series

T04B-60-1 T04B-62-1 T04B-H3 T04B-S3 T04B-V1/V2
T04E-40 T04E-46 T04E-50 T04E-54 T04E-57 T04E-60

T series

T-61 T-64 T-66 T-68-1 T-70 T-72 T-76

GT series

Garrett has seen fit to bless us with both compressor and turbine maps for the GT series. C links to the compressor flow map; T to the turbine flow map. Here is a table of info on the GT series.

GT12 C T GT15 C T GT20 C T GT22 C T GT25R C T
GT25R-40 C  GT28R C T GT28RS C T GT30R C T GT30R-71 C T
GT32 C T GT35 C T GT35R C T GT37 C T GT40-50/54 C T
GT40-56 C GT40R C GT42 C T   GT60 C T

Quiz sent me an ATP brochure with the GT30R maps, and a pair of dyno runs from them comparing it with a T4-60/T3 (beware that this is what we would call an "uncontrolled document" at work, having no idea what the specifics were for each run). The GT comes on a little earlier, and then proceeds to build a lot higher. Still in pdf format for now.

GT30R:    Maps    Dyno runs


IHI = Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries.

IHI documentation is pretty crude, just outlines of the operating region without any efficiency curves.

Maps and Specs

Some comments from Paul Dykstra on used IHI turbos:

If you are junkyard shopping, look on the turbine inlet on the bearing housing side for a cast-in "R5". This indicates the the turbine housing is made from high nickel, high temperature material (D5-Niresist). Also cast into the same area is a P#, this is the A/R in mm2/mm. It can be converted and compared to other turbines, which are more typically in2/in. [efahl: Just divide it by 25.4 to get the "real" A/R, for example, if you see 19 it's what Garrett would call a 0.75 A/R housing.]

Roger Enns got these two maps from an engineer at Warner-Ishi.

BRL3911 BRL4016


KKK was purchased by Borg-Warner and is now 3K-Warner.

Many of these maps are in m^3/s at 20C, which by my calculations becomes lb/min with a conversion factor of 162.04 (e.g., 0.25 m^3/s * 162.04 = 40.51 lb/min).

K03-2072 K04-0025 K14-2464 K16-2467 K24-2470 K26-2664G K26-2470R RS2-2672

Thanks to the many people who sent me specific applications and part numbers listed in the table below. If you have more info or corrections, e-mail me.

OEM Installation Turbo
VAG 1.8t 150 HP K03-053 or -058
VAG 1.8t 180 HP K03-026 or -035 or -042 (aka Sport)
VAG 1.8t 225 HP K04-023
Audi 5000 early K26
Audi 5000 late K24
Audi 200/ur-S4 K24
Audi S4 2.7tt K03
Audi RS4 2.7tt K04-025/026
Porsche 951 K27
Porsche 993TT S K24-7003/7004
Porsche 993/996TT K16


See the conversion factor given with the KKK maps above to convert the flow axis on this maps.

TD04-09B TD04-13G TD04-15G TD04HL-16T
TD04H-18T TD04HL-19T TD05-14B TD05-14G
TD05-16G small wheel TD05-16G large wheel
TD06-17C TD06-20G TD06-20G

Autorotor Superchargers

Kenne Bell Autorotor vs. Lysholm Brochure

Eaton Superchargers

M45 Flow Power consumption Delta T
M62 Flow Power consumption Delta T
M90 Flow Power consumption Delta T
M112 Flow Power consumption Delta T

Lysholm Superchargers

Kenne Bell Autorotor vs. Lysholm Brochure

Whipple-branded, Lysholm-design, twin-screw superchargers (manufactured by Eaton?).

Autorotor Brochure LYS-1200A LYS-1600A LYS-2300AX LYS-2300R LYS-3300AX

Vortech Superchargers

And a single Vortech map showing the S- and T-trim centrifugal superchargers.

A-Trim Flow S-Trim Flow S-Trim V2 Flow S- vs. T-trim Flow YS-Trim Flow
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