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Turbocharger Exhaust Manifold Photo Archive

I started archiving these pix back in the network54 days of Hardcore VW, because network54 would delete photos after a month or two. I don't know how many good photos were lost, but here are some that might help you design your own EM a little better.

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Material Selection

Read the article at Burns Stainless. Note that 304 is prone to carbide precipitation when held in the range of 425-850°C. 321 is stabilized with titanium to avoid this problem, making it much better for turbo manifolds that spend a great deal of their time at that temperature. See also these articles on Grade 304, Grade 316 and Grade 321 at Atlas Steel.

8v I4 Manifolds

Jani Niskanen's BMW M10 manifold.

16v I4 Manifolds

Compresdcaddy's 16v manifold. Warning: Not approved by members of VW Vortex.

An in-bay shot of Killa's 16v manifold, showing where the flange ends up with respect to the firewall on an A2.

Red Rotor's split inlet turbo and manifold. Note the nice open curves and slick transition of 1-4 at the outlet.

AMS 16v T3. It comes ONLY in the raw cast state with the runners cut off the casting and some flash trimming. Nothing is machined, no holes drilled etc. It easily clears the 60/63AR Garrett and also T3/T4 hybrids. No rain tray probs in an A2. Submitted by Ohio Benz. Ask at AMS for details and availability.

20v I4 Manifolds

1.8t manifold made by Steve Nichols. That transition for the 2-3 pipe into the collector looks somewhat abrupt.

10v I5 Manifolds

A Lehmann exhaust manifold from an old TransAm Audi 10v I5. These 2.2 l motors made 520 HP all day long in 1988, before Audi went to the 20v motor for the IMSA car, which made 720 HP all day long (see below).

This is supposedly a Lehmann-Audi factory header for the 20v IMSA cars, circa 1989, but the port spacing and bolt patterns look like a 10v. It looks nicer than the one above it due to some lovely mandrel bent tubes.

Jim Green's 10v I5 manifold is a work of art. Check out the details in his FAQ or just browse all the pictures.

Robin Gilmour's Lehmann manifold from a 1983 rally car. There is some very funky plumbing in here to get to the wastegate.

Just for laughs, here's the NA manifold from a 10v Eurovan.

20v I5 Manifolds

send me some pix, anyone got Steve Nichols' S4 pic from network54 circa summer 2002?

Other Stuff

A Honda EM, included because it looks like a very nice piece. It has nice smooth bends and straight transitions into the collector, but the order of entry into the collector is wrong, it should be 1-3-4-2 instead of 1-2-3-4, to create an extraction vortex (there's that word again). Go to Turbo Performance to see a bunch of EMs.

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