Charlie's 1963 Triumph Spitfire
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:16 PDT

Charlie's 1963 Triumph Spitfire

Charlie's first race car, circa 1967, with Joan posing. The number 13 on the car indicates that Joan was driving it this weekend.

I thought that Charlie had lost a wheel at Nelson Ledges and put the fence around the new paint job, but Joan recalls the details:

"I don't think the wreck at Nelson Ledges was a lost wheel, I think Charlie hit a patch of oil another car had dumped. And it seems to me that the fence got wrapped around the car at Grattan, he just lost it and wrapped the fence around it, no damage but the paint. I think the picture was taken at Road America as I recall being there with all the flowers because one of the hotshot Formula 1 drivers, think it was Jackie Stewart, wandered by looking at it and talked to me giving me a big thrill.

"Prior to the wrapping of the fence Don Evans and I had spent hours in the garage repairing body damage from the prior year, was that when you and Charlie got high on paint fumes in the garage? I think that was the Nelson Ledges damage we were fixing." (Now you know how I got drain bamaged, helping my dad paint his Spitfire back in the '60s.)

Here's a phantom drawing of a Mk3 1500, close enough to the 1300 that it doesn't much matter.

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