MB650 2WD Military spec

Final Drive Ratios

Can I find something between the 3.89 (35/9? my guess) solo and the 4.62 (37/8 from photo) sidecar ratios?

I believe one of the German dealers (Haubrich?) may have had a 4.22 gearset. Search for "old time garage poland" in dneprhead archives for info.

1st 3.6 2.28 1.7 1.3 reverse 3.67

Tires and Wheel Sizes

Metzeler Block-K 4.00-18, od = 673 mm/26.5 inch, permitted rim width 1.85-3.00", 617 lbs at max 33 psi, max 93 mph, 13.23 lbs each

I replaced my notched headset bearings (ball type) with tapered roller bearings from Blue Moon cycle (in the States). The bearing size is the same as a /2 BMW. A bearing supply shop probably won't have that size bearing, at least not where I am in Canada. It is a straight forward job, just take your time when adjusting the bearings and don't forget the lock washer under the lock nut.

The lock nut is thin, don't mistake it for the top bearing race and beat it to death thinking the fork should drop out.

From: Lloyd J. Lounsbury Date: Mon May 2, 2005 6:44 am Subject: Re: [Dnepr Heads] Meat Thermometers

Steve I think most owners are seeing 275 to 285F after a few hundred KM but if you see over 300 you might want to stop & cool it down. Bikes that consistantly are 325 F or over start damaging cylinders or burning holes in the top of the pistons. More piston to cylinder wall clearance (0.004") and cross hatch honing can help this problem before damage is done...

Jet sizes

> In my K63`s has the mainjet size 165 , does anyone know what that > means in western size?

165 is the flowrate in ml/min for standard benzine at sea level with a 1m head for an unobstructed jet. Most carbs use the same method. Since the K63T could be up to 20 years old, a rebuild kit might be in order. The slides tend to wear badly on these carbs.


I spoke with a dealer today and 165 Russian jet is 105 Japanese jet, 220 is 120 Japanese size.

Front brake cable

Replacing the front brake cable with a Triumph clutch cable

Alexy, If you have the old controls (aluminum color), I drilled and tapped it for an adjuster. Took the barrel off the old brake cable, put a split in it to slide it on the Triumph cable. The adjuster on the Triumph cable screws right in the Ural brake plate. If you have the Italian levers, it already has the adjuster. If you take the actuators on the front brake plate, they are splined, and at the 6 o'clock position. You can move them to the 5 o'clock position and the cable bolts right up, with plenty of room for adjustment. It is also a ss cable with a teflon lining. Does not stretch and practically no drag. I have done this mod on 4 rigs, and all 4 will slide the front wheel with two fingers. The cable # is 4T2047048, the price was $35.80. They also have an adjuster, the lock nut is too big (I ground it down), that part # is 4T2046520. Some put a repair barrel on the lug end, then there is no need for the adjuster or to move the actuator arms. The first one I did, I used the repair barrel, but some shy away from them because they can slip. But I ran that cable for a year and half with no problems. If you have any questions, just give me a call.

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