Joan's 1965 Mini Cooper S
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:14 PDT

Joan's 1965 Mini Cooper S

Joan purchased this car from a guy down in Cincinnati. She started racing it in SCCA C-Sedan, and then bought another one, yellow w/black roof '67, in Toronto, so she could turn this one into a full race car. The '67 was a rust bucket, so it ended up dying and being parted out, but this original one still lives and is still owned by Bobby Pierce.

Here we are at the Northwood Auto Show, looks like about 1969. Joan's Mini and Russell-Alexis pre-Formula Ford (the class wasn't officially formed until the next year, so Joan and Charlie raced it in Formula B that year; I recall some hot young driver from Chicago zooming past them in a real FB at Grattan, I think his name was Bobby Rahal).

After the wheel center broke at the end of Grattan's front straight. Joan had already finished braking, so speed was probably only 70-80 MPH; Joan was unhurt. The next year Tom Cronin lost a brake rotor on the the front of his Mini and hit the bank in nearly the same place at full speed. He suffered spinal compression injuries and the front of the Mini was folded under the car, completely destroying it.

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