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Welcome to the MegaSquirt Resource Web. If you have a site or page containing MegaSquirt information, please link from your site to this page, and then add a link from this page to your site. It's live! Go to the bottom of this page to add your site now.

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MegaSquirt FAQ Lance Gardiner's repository of all things MegaSquirt.
Official MegaSquirt Site Bruce Bowling & Al Grippo's site (they are the designers and implementers of MegaSquirt).
Yahoo E-Mail Group The Yahoo support group for all hardware, software, deployment, modification and general discussions. Join the e-mail list by sending mail here, but don't post until you've read the FAQ and the Yahoo archives.
Scott Campbell's Archive Scott has stashed all of the messages from the Yahoo list since T=0.

Open Source Projects
SourceForge MegaSquirt Soon to include controller code, MegaTune and support tools.

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