Not2Fast: MegaTune pre-release
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2.25 has been released, look here.

Note: 2.50 build 218 and later are being built using Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 and all previous releases were built using the 6.0 compiler and linker. If you have any problems with libraries not being found, let me know right away!

View the README.txt file below for the change log.

      Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - 02-Jan-2008 17:10 965K 02-Jan-2008 06:55 3.0M README.txt 10-Feb-2008 12:22 89K _missingLibs/ 08-Mar-2007 11:39 - 08-Mar-2007 11:39 298K mt+md300b011_setup.exe 08-Mar-2007 11:39 1.0M mt250b218_setup.exe 29-Dec-2007 11:55 764K 29-Dec-2007 11:55 741K 31-Dec-2007 09:44 539K mt250b220_setup.exe 31-Dec-2007 09:44 764K 31-Dec-2007 09:44 741K 09-Feb-2008 16:09 539K mt250b260_setup.exe 09-Feb-2008 16:09 765K 09-Feb-2008 16:09 741K 10-Feb-2008 12:23 539K mt250b261_setup.exe 10-Feb-2008 12:22 765K 10-Feb-2008 12:23 742K 22-Apr-2008 21:59 539K mt250b333_setup.exe 22-Apr-2008 21:59 763K 22-Apr-2008 21:59 739K 23-Apr-2008 09:06 539K mt250b334_setup.exe 23-Apr-2008 09:06 763K 23-Apr-2008 09:06 739K 08-Mar-2007 11:39 815K mt300b011_setup.exe 08-Mar-2007 11:39 750K 08-Mar-2007 11:39 726K

MegaTune 2.25 is the current stable release, look here.

3.00 is in early beta - e-mail me directly about any funkiness right away.

3.00 is not at all stable, do not use it unless you enjoy pain. As always, get 2.25 or earlier for a more robust version.

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