MegaSquirt-II Information
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MegaSquirt-II Related Parts and Info

MS-II CPU Schematic              (  1 page )
MS-II Schematic                  (  1 page )
HCS12 Product Brief              ( 15 pages)
MC9S12C Family User Guide        (136 pages)
HC12 Indexed Indirect Addressing ( 16 pages)
D-Bug12 Routines                 ( 20 pages)
Callable Routines in D-Bug12     ( 20 pages)
Background Debug on HC12         ( 20 pages)
Porting HC11 to HC12             ( 28 pages)
Expanding Inputs with an ADC     ( 12 pages)
PWM Using HCS12 Timers           (  8 pages)
FTS32K (Flash) Users Guide       ( 44 pages)
Bosch CAN v 2.0 Specification    ( 72 pages)
Motorola Scaleable CAN for S12   ( 70 pages)
Serial Monitor Program for HCS12 ( 24 pages)

MegaSquirt-II Photos

These pictures are of one of the two original MS-II prototype boards. The current production boards differ in several details, but the overall physical layout and dimensions are the same. The board is 70 mm long and 28 mm wide, because someone asked.

This is a shot of the MegaSquirt-II installed on a V1.01 MegaSquirt board.

Here is a comparison of the original 908 processor and the MegaSquirt-II board installed in its place.

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