Kensington 2004
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North American International MegaSquirt Congress

I took some photos at the meet, which was hosted by Darren Clark at Kensington Metropark in southeast Michigan on 26 JUN 2004. Here's the cast of characters, roughly in the order they showed up during the day.

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Who What they brung
Eric Fahlgren Hey, that's me! My MSed 1986 Audi 5ktq.
Dennis Pillsbury 1957 'Vette chassis.
Ed Dennis's buddy driving the tow vehicle.
Dan Left home his 196? Chevy II with MSed Blown Mopar Hemi.
Al Grippo MS-II and code in hand.
Bruce Bowling PWC board for show'n'tell.
Darren Clark MSed Ford V6 sand rail.
Ozzie Thinking about squirting a 4.6 Rover V8.
Dave Andruczyk MegaTunix and laptop, WBO2 1979 Honda CBR750F.
Garrett Herning MSed 1978 Chevy Truck.
Peter Fahlgren Autronics Turbo VW Cabriolet.
Joe Mitchell MS in box, ready for CISectomy on 1986 VW GTi.

Al Grippo's MS-II

332520 bytes

Al is working on the MS-II code, the MS-II is in the box connected to the laptop via the standard MS-I serial port. The MS-II code has a spurious stray illegal-instruction interrupt, that is slowing down development.

333379 bytes

Wide shot of the MS-II installed on a MS-I v1.01 board (yes, it will work with all existing MS hardware.)

336378 bytes

Here's a better shot. The MCU is the square black chip just above center on the MS-II board, which replaces that big black 40-pin DIP. The MS-II MCU is a 9HCS12A256 if I remember correctly.

Dennis Pillsbury's 1957 Corvette

Definitely the highlight of the day was playing with Dennis's 'Vette. It has a 361 CID small block, with a 6-71 blower. Dennis has fabricated a plate the goes between the throttle body (if you can call it that!), which contains a fuel manifold and all the injectors.

326167 bytes

This is a picture of Dennis with the car when it has its clothes on. The current paint is white.

325452 bytes

Bruce worshipping at the Alter of Boost.

335530 bytes

Bruce in front (Dennis behind) ready to pop those butterflies open a bit and make some noise (that motor was Loud with capital L when the cutouts on the headers were opened!). Here you can see the injector plate, with the gray injectors protruding horizontally just under the bug catcher. The rail is connected to the inlet on the manifold contained in the plate, with the fuel coming in on that 3/8" steel line that wraps up around the back of the blower to a brass fitting on top of the plate. Just beyond that, on the passenger side of the plate you can see the fuel pressure regulator.

331905 bytes

This shot shows the TPS mount and the FPR much better. You can see the plate clearly, and a couple of injectors are quite obvious, too. Dennis does his own fabrication on these pieces, and they are very nicely executed.

347499 bytes

Darren, Dennis and Al at the Alter.

340548 bytes

Darren, Dennis, Al and Bruce check it out. You can see the MS mounted on the rear of the motor and the magneto that provides spark for the beast. Regrettably, we couldn't drive it around because it had no driveshaft.

Darren Clark's Ford V6 Sandrail

336587 bytes

Darren, Dennis and Ozzie checking out Darren's rail. Darren told us how to get open wheeled vehicles on the road in Michigan, there's a statute that allows "roadsters" (no permanent roof) to go fenderless, so as long as his roof is removable, those tires sticking out are ok.

337167 bytes

Here you can see the sealed ammo box that holds all the electronics.

333976 bytes

And here you can see Darren's craftsmanship in fitting both an MS and a WB controller inside the single box. (That's Dave's bike in the background, see below.)

Dave Andruczyk's 1979 Honda CBR750F

325574 bytes

Dave astride one of his bikes, a 1979 Honda CBR750F (iirc) equipped with WB02 controller and sensor. You can see the AFR gauge mounted above the instrument cluster. Dave restored this bike a little while back, and it looked very nice to me. It's for sale if you'd like a classic hot Honda 4-cylinder.

Garrett Herning's 1978 Chevy Truck

338571 bytes

A rear shot of Al, Dennis, Garrett and Ed (well, that's Dan behind Ed's elbow) looking at the MS install in Garrett's nicely restored Chevy truck.

329732 bytes

Garrett, Ed and Al talk about the details.

335121 bytes

The TBI system, including the throttle body and Garrett's custom adaptor/plenum.

329080 bytes

The TPS is quite obvious in this shot.

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