FAA AC43.13-1B
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Last updated 2007-09-18 11:12 PDT

FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1B

Table of Contents

Chapter 11. Aircraft Electrical Systems
Section 1. Inspection and Care of Electrical Systems
Section 2. Storage Batteries
Section 3. Inspection of Equipment Installation
Section 4. Inspection of Circuit-Protection Devices
Section 5. Electrical Wire Rating
Section 6. Aircraft Electrical Wire Selection
Section 7. Table of Acceptable Wires
Section 8. Wiring Installation Inspection Requirements
Section 9. Environmental Protection and Inspection
Section 10. Service Loop Harnesses (Plastic Tie Strips)
Section 11. Clamping
Section 12. Wire Insulation and Lacing String Tie
Section 13. Splicing
Section 14. Terminal Repairs
Section 15. Grounding and Bonding
Section 16. Wire Marking
Section 17. Connectors
Section 18. Conduits
Section 19. Protection of Unused Connectors
Section 20. Electrical and Electronic Symbols

Appendices 1-3

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