Joe's Bimmer
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Joe's Bimmer

1993 325i E36 BMW, 147xxx miles, needs fog lights, body work in back, tires (today or tomorrow), gas cap door and wiper arm on order, minor trim pieces in interior, dash and gauge lights, tune up, some lovin'... Has nice clean interior. According to the owner's manual, it weighs in at 3020 lbs.

Before and after (full suspension, dampers, springs, LCAs, tie rods, wheels, tires et cetera).

The motor is an M50TU/B25, 2494 cc, 10.5:1 CR, 84x75 bore/stroke, Motronic 3.3.1, 1993 is the first year VANOS variable cam timing was used, implementing a hydro-mechanical system to vary the intake cam timing.

The cam is driven with a chain, not a belt, as you can see in the photo to the right. The large sprocket is driven by a short chain from the exhaust cam. The helical splined gear slides in and out of the sprocket, thus changing the intake cam timing (which is driven directly from the inside splines of the moving hub). The exhaust cam has its sprocket mounted directly to the camshaft, so that its timing does not vary with respect to the crankshaft. (On the "double VANOS" engines in later M3s, both the intake and exhaust are driven through similar mechanisms, independent of one another; this is pictured in the illustration below.)

Maintenance and Mod Data

Spark plugs Bosch F7LDCR torque to 22 ft-lbs
Trans lube Redline D4 ATF 1.2 quarts
Power steering ATF 1.5 quarts
Diff lube Redline 75W-90 Hypoid Oil 1.8 quarts
Engine oil 10W-40 6.8 quarts
Oil filter Mahle A6002-24890
Cooling system 11 quarts
Wheel bolts 12x1.5M, on 5x120 circle torque to 74 ft-lbs
Factory wheels 15x7, bore 72.56mm, offset "high" (40mm???)
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