Max Q 2002
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Max Q 2002

I've been asked a couple times why I took out the LS-14 and installed a MegaSquirt EFI controller. Here's a quick list that I sent out the MS group:

  1. The FMS is only programmable offline, burn a prom on your pc, plug it in and try it. Graydon has the only, um lets say, less than legitimate copy of the FMS software around and is unwilling to break his agreement with whomever gave it to him by giving it away, so I can't change the tune.
  2. The MAP sensor in the FMS is only good to 2 BAR abs. Now Graydon had the thing tuned for 17 psig by tuning it to have correct-for-17 fuel when the MAP railed. I've now got a big T04, better EM, huge intercooler and all that, so I want to run 21+ psig, hence I need a higher range MAP. (I'll probably be popping in a GM 3 BAR sensor someday, to go above the Motorola's range.)
  3. I want to do proportional control of water injection, and do boost control on the same box. With the dual table code, which Guy Hill and I developed, the first is trivial, and for the second, I've got a PD boost controller in the DT code, the daughter board is done and I need to make the heat sink and wire it in, then do some testing and tuning of the PD gain coefficients.
  4. I got an Autronic SMC about a year ago, but was having second thoughts on using it, due to the lack of a good way to run mapped water injection. While I was mulling this over, Bruce announced MegaSquirt and the rest is history.

July 2002

Photos by DJ Halon (Kevin).

132897 bytes
You can see the auxiliary Hall sensor on the front of the cam in this shot, it drives the RPM input on the LS-14 and is obsoleted by the MegaSquirt. Note that the current wiring harness will be replaced by something a little more elegant shortly.

121305 bytes
All that blue hose is part of the current non-functional mechanical boost controller experiment. It never panned out, causing boost to rise too rapidly hindering drivability. Note the ceramic coating burning off the hot-side turbo housing and downpipe; I guess when they glow bright red nothing will stick.

118933 bytes
Standard front engine shot; you can see the throttle quadrant right over the fuel rail if you look closely.

82271 bytes
The "four wire" install of MegaSquirt. It has power, ground, EGO and Hall sensor connections on the MAC-11 ECU. The MAP sensor is teed into the same hose that goes to the LS-14 (red box at just peeking out from under the dash) currently.

122614 bytes
See? Really only four wires.

115447 bytes
Oil cooler and plumbing, LS-14 power relay in foreground at right, bypass valve near water cooling lines on turbo, fuel line directly in foreground.

101426 bytes
You can almost see the control quadrant of the throttle body is very close to the top of the fuel rail in this shot. The GM FPR is on the front of the rail, the black hose is for manifold pressure.

115588 bytes
That light gray thing sandwiched between the original CIS/MAC-11 switches and the TB is the TPS. The wires in the black loom are from the TPS, which is screwed right to the original switch mounting plate. The shaft has an extension, which has set screws holding it on, so that it pokes all the way out into the switch box. Again, you can see the ceramic burning off the hot parts, but the POR-15 on the center housing is holding up pretty well.

108067 bytes
A bigger view of the TPS and all it's little friends.

September 2002

Photos by Peter Fahlgren.

These are the post-MegaSquirt installation shots. The harness is fully connected, but not wrapped or hung yet. The majority of the harness is 20 g MIL-spec wire with 19-strand, silver plated conductors and EFTE insulation. There are a couple 16 g wires on the ground that are common cross-link poly car wire.

65274 bytes
Same old passenger-side engine shot, you can see the new harness where it passes the firewall, just below the fuel filter.

71636 bytes
Front shot, now you can see the fuel rail much better, since it is clean and has a new paint job.

72148 bytes
This is getting tedious...

30513 bytes
Blurry shot of the MegaSquirt prior to mounting up inside the dash.

72949 bytes
You can see the fuel rail a lot better in this one.

73364 bytes
And the return on the rail is easy to see here.

60359 bytes
It really does have a turbocharger.

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