Max Q 2001
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:07 PDT

Max Q 2001

05 SEP 2001

Please excuse the crappy shots, they were made with a 100-year-old Casio digital camera with about 2x4 pixel resolution. Don't bother clicking on the pix, they are not thumbnails, they are full size right from the camera.

Under the hood of the brute.

Home-made fittings for block and turbo to connect a big AN-10 return line. The old one was -8 and I always thought it was too small (Kevin's Cabby has -10, too).

You can see one of the turbonetics hump hoses. They are 1/4" thick and a real bitch to put on.

Some shots of the the intercooler mounting.

Thorin holding the pump for the soon to be designed water injection. If the MAP sensor in the LS14 is a 3 BAR one and not just 2 BAR (it wasn't, go see the MS stuff here), and if Graydon mapped for higher boost, I'll be running 21 PSI and be up to maybe 350-360 HP.

POR-15 super rock hard paint on the valve cover and the cool red highlights on the clamp strips. The red, white and blue looks very nice.

Me spraying the ceramic on the various hotside components.

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