Max Q's Big Intercooler
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:07 PDT

Spearco 2-178 Intercooler

The new intercooler has 2.5" connections, with the inlet going into the bottom on the left side of the photo. The pad just above the inlet (and another just like it, not visible on the outlet side) are for attachment of temperature and pressure sensors.

Features not visible are the bypass connection, a 1" diameter tube coming out of the outlet-side tank right at the top, and the outlet connector itself, which is placed low on the tank and angled up at 30 degrees. This allows the bump hose from the intercooler to the throttle body to have a straight shot making plumbing easier.

This was the first trial fit, grossly located and held in place with vise grips.

A is one of Graydon's mods, the 2.5" inlet pipe through the cross member: that's where the K&N air filter goes, inside the bumper. A big hose runs between the back of the pipe directly into the turbocharger, providing it with lots of cold air. I plan on measuring the pressure at the turbocharger inlet to determine if a larger air filter is required.

B points to the lowered "engine mount." This piece was dropped 1 inch to provide clearance for the bottom of the intercooler.

C is where the old safety hook once resided, but now it's gone. The new one is yet to be design, but will probably be a two-piece affair placed outboard of the latches.

D is the big notch in the crossmember for the intercooler inlet. The bracing is yet to be welded on the front of the member, but the inside has already been covered with 22 g stainless, which is just visible on the far right of the photo.

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