1987 5000 Turbo quattro Avant
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Eric's Pictures

New Photos of MegaSquirt installation performed by Keith, Peter and Eric on July 29-31, 2004.

Rail with holes

Note: these were old Bosch injectors from a Digi II car and not the new Bosch injectors used.

Injector harness
Rail construction tools
One hole, I should have wiped off the grease
End of rail
Fitting the rail
More fitting
MAT hole, 3/8" NPT, where the original cold start injector was installed
Sensor-safe silicone on MAT bulb. Early on we had a few guys who had the bead break off, we suspect from vibration, so I've taken to cutting the open cage off and potting the leads on these sensors with silicone.
Bosch FPR converted to boost reference. Don't try this at home, buy the correct 2222 part.
Fuel rail bracket
Injector harness connector
Installed rail, POR-15 on cover
TPS cover by Peter
Cable end clearance
Air filter and throttle body
TPS wiring
Half-done wiring harness
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