MegaSquirt on the '87 5ktqa
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Eric's Photos of MegaSquirt installation performed by Keith, Peter and Eric on July 29-31, 2004.

Keith's Photos of the same.

Price List

Parts Bought
WhatPrice ($)Part #WhereNotes
FPR38.06MSD-2220Autosupermart.comShould have bought MSD-2222
Fuel Rail20.00 (2')RMR -6RossMachineRacing.comExpensive shipping
Injectors125.00 (5)12561462Racetronix.comBosch 0 280 155 931
CLT34.04Bosch 0 280 150 037Audi dealerConvinced dealer it was a thermo temp switch from a quantum wagon
Fuel Filter9.95Bosch 447 133 511The Parts ConnectionYou might as well if you're gunna be in there...
Air Filter28.69KNERD-0520Martel Bros.Wrong size, again, should have gotten a bigger ID (2-1/4") one
TPS24.008mm "D"-shaftJurgen HartwigFrom a GM?
MAT$10? Wells SU-107
WhatTotal Price ($)McMaster #Unit Price# Purchased
316 Stainless Steel Push-On Hose Fitting Barb X Male For 1/4" Hose ID, 1/4" Pipe19.0053515K229.502
Type 304 SS Threaded Pipe Fitting 3/8" Male X 1/4" Female Pipe, Hex Bushing, 3000 Psi9.164464K3822.294
Brass Double-Barbed Tube Fitting Tee For .170" Tube ID9.2044555K1370.9210
Metric High-Speed Steel Chucking Reamer 13.5mm Dia, 2" Flute Length, .4355" Shank Diameter21.418851A48
Gen Purpose Hss Jobbers'twist Drill Bit Bright Finish, Letter Sz X, 5-1/8" L, 3-3/4" L Flute5.6730595A56
Dual Scale Steel-Case Gauge 2% Mid-Accuracy 3-1/2" Dial, 1/4" NPT Bottom (0-100psi)10.044000K713
Push-On Brass Hose Fitting Barbed X Female For 1/4" Hose ID, 1/4" Pipe Size5.3191465K951 5 pack
Free From Eric
3/8" NPT tap Used for fuel rail ends
NPT taper reamer
9/16" or 19/32" or 37/64" drill Tap drill for 3/8" NPT
1/8" stainless flat bar To mount the fuel rail to the head
22ga stainless sheet To fab (beautiful) TPS cover
Injector cups Bosch 037 133 555
Heat shrink tubing
MegaSquirt v1.01 That might be important
"Total" total:$359.53 Total on the car (not in the toolbox):$315.05
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