1987 5000 Turbo quattro Avant
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:04 PDT

New Stuff


Sold the car to Kevin. (For US$0!)


Finally started updating the MegaSquirt installation pages. See them here. New pictures from Keith and a (evolving) price list are the first things to make it up.


Went over to Eric's this morning (after finding my tire was flat because of a loose valve stem!?) and got my "new" laptop, an Itronix XC-6250+ (mine isn't quite that cool--266Mhz/64Mb/6Gb) to work with Megasquirt. We burned all of the software that we could think of onto a CD and then used MegaTune2.25b233 sucessfully (though Eric found some bugs) to tune the car.


The Idle Stablization Valve broke (?) today, or at least stuck open. Idling at ~3k RPM sorta freaked me out and after I disconnected the ISV connector and our jumper (pink to gray) without change I just took the whole thing out. To plug the holes I cut two 3/4" chunks of ~1/2" AL round bar and tightened the hose clamps down on them. Seems to be working fine, though the ISV was nice when the radiator fan kicked on. The car still idles acceptably.


I (Keith) am starting to work on the page some more because I feel like the MS conversion (from CIS) could be helpful to others.


Eric's Photos of MegaSquirt installation performed by Keith, Peter and Eric on July 29-31, 2004.


The following is Peter's old write-up. (Most photos are his.)

This car was purchased from Kent Anderson  (KAR of MN) in Minneapolis, MN on June 18, 1999. It has only had two previous owner, and lived its life in South Dakota under the meticulous care of physicians. Purchased by me, Peter Fahlgren for my wife Jennifer. Midland, MI, USA.

Here is what I know of the car so far:

Since the purchase this what I've done.

Note a/f gauge next to anti-lock button.

Front view, before lowering, showing off the beautiful navy (nautical) blue paint and Fuch rims.

The Fuchs are now shod with Yokohama AVS db's. I also have a set of stock basket weave rims with the second generation Blizzak (WS50).

Future plans include the following:

The tan leather is a little darker in real life.

For now the car is in excellent condition and will require very little to be a reliable and useful daily driver.

Photo by Eric Fahlgren

"Here's a picture I took of Jen's car after we put on new struts, springs on the front, and 3" stainless sidepipe (note the old exhaust system in the foreground). We're going to do a flame job next time I'm in Midland with six-pack."

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