1991 200 Avant
Last updated 2007-09-18 11:04 PDT

The Original Turbo 20v

Don't worry, that's not the wagon's leavings on the driveway, the van needs a diaper on its big drippy 8.8" rear end.


If you've never seen UFO brakes before, check out these big jpegs (300k each). The cheapest source of of UFO parts that I've found is Blau, and they want US$700 for a pair of rotors and set of pads. So, screw that, I'm contemplating putting on Boxster calipers and moderately large rotors, maybe 300-310 mm.


New Wheels

The new wheels didn't fit, although TireRack said they would. We were very clear that the car was equipped with UFO brakes when ordering, and still TireRack said they would fit. I ended up getting some 16 mm spacers for the front from ECSTuning; got the studs and ball-seat nuts there, too.

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